Friday, July 29, 2005

Loungin' around

With the recent departure of my dear housemate, I've also had a sharp decline of artwork. To remedy this my sweetheart (who's mean with a camera, what with being a photographer an' junk) has designed some hot new wall adornments for my abode.

They are from sick gigs we have been to together. They are totally arty. Try and guess which gigs we went to. (Damn that butch woman bouncer that confiscated my camera at the Nick Cave concert, my collection would have been complete).

1. Mmmm, colourfull.

this show had an awesome light show. this is a real, unaltered picture (sans words, we weren't on acid or anything)

2. Bright lights!

don't you love a gig with an interlude!? i certainly enjoyed this one.

3. Blurry!

ok, if you don't get this one. you need to do some hard cord rock'n'roll education.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A School Night Out On The Town

Drink champagne that recently departed housemate left behind – as soon as you get home from busy day at office.

Catch train to city.

Eat dumplings. Delicious. Note how “coolies” have taken over your dumpling house. Drink beer. Fall down steps as you leave.

Go to bar, drink Gin and Tonic. Have Jagermeister shots with bartenders, one of which is a Spazzy.

Excitedly and a little stumbley walk to gig venue. Get in ticket line. Get pre-paid tickets from a girl that recognises your name from constantly being on giveaway list at radio station she used to work at. *blush*

Buy overly priced beer.

Work way through crowd to be front row centre.

Make friends with people in front of you by telling them we need to work together as a team to keep other people from pushing into us. Works for first 3 songs. Kids on drugs ruin our teamwork and bond.

Go SICK all through concert. Love every member of the band. Especially this one.

Drink more Gin and Tonic.

Catch taxi home.

Pass out.

Wakes up next morning. *dreds*

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Food for Thought...

what happens when you're strongly against the morals of one of your great mates?

should you help them through what must be a confusing time for them, or do you stand by your own beliefs, especially when you've had many discussions about your view point?

i don't want to be a grown up anymore.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What Women Want

Dear fellas,

As me and my fellow hotness around the internerd are learning you today here’s some delectable stuff that women want from youse.


Most women will love you for suggesting you should eat as much chocolate as you can fit in. Now, I’m not most women, because I don’t really like chocolate in it’s pure form. But give me a Chocolate Chilli Tim Tam and I’m yours forever. Seriously.

If you’ve been to TMI before you’ll know I’ve got a slight obsession with the delicious Mallard. It does stuff to me. it will probably do stuff to other women.

Every meal your lovely lady cooks for you it should be THE BEST MEAL EVER.

Not Cooking!

Cooking a delicious meal for you lady friend will give her time to think about what she can do after the meal. You know what I mean boys… yes, hot hot sexx.

Surprise Date!
It’s not hard to do. If you feel like going out for dinner, just don’t tell your lady friend. Do, however, tell her to be presentable and smelling pretty. Then… SURPRISE DATE! Followed again by the hot sexx.

Boys we are really not that hard to charm. You just need to spend 5 minutes thinking about what we might like and then do it (I know that last bit can be a little tricky, but give it a shot).

Thanks and good luck!


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