Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stuff about my family

This is not us.

- My mum is really smart. Like really smart. She started uni when she was 16. She is never wrong. She can do anything well and usually on the first go. This is admirable, if not a little annoying. She rings me up on her way home from work nearly every second day. This is sweet, because she usually has nothing to tell me and just wants to talk to me. I tell her pretty much everything.

- My dad is also really smart, but more in the street smarts way. He didn’t finish High School. He’s the CEO of a successful seafood company. He thinks he’s never wrong. He’s very strong, physically and mentally. We like to tell each other about food, wine and good restaurants. He washes his car every Sunday.

- For 8 years my parents didn’t live at the same place at the same time. They never broke up. They totally dig each other. They live in the same place now and go to the market on Saturday mornings and usually go and see St Kilda play every week.

- My second youngest sister has really big blue eyes that say more than what comes out of her mouth. She’s shy. When you get to know her, she’s almost the funniest person in the world. She has an IT diploma. She doesn’t like working with computers. She works at Priceline. She lives with her boyfriend, who is pretty much exactly the same as her. I never see them apart. They are in love. They are both great people.

- My youngest sister just got a job with Country Road as a visual merchandiser (it’s got to do with shop windows). She’s 20. She is the best shopper I know. I’m thinking about buying a pair of jeans and will call her if I decide to do that. She is also the best present buyer I know. She’s really pleasant and warm on the phone. She’s cheeky and knows how to ‘tick me off’. She ‘ticks me off’ all the time, for her own amusement. I’m cool with that. She has a big heart. She still lives at home.

- My sisters are pretty much best friends. They are close in age. I like them heaps. I think they’re really funny and they are both hot.

- We grew up in the country and used to spend our weekends watching TV around the heater or listening to cd’s. This time of year reminds me of mum cooking soup. Nowadays we all live in the city. We all live in connecting suburbs. We all like being together.


Blogger Television's Kynan Barker said...

You left one thing out:

Your youngest sister is HOT.

3:12 pm  
Blogger Television's Kynan Barker said...

Oh, wait, so is your mum.

And the middle sister isn't bad, either.

Man, did you draw the short straw.

3:13 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...


it's true, i did get the sludgy remains of the gene pool

at least i can hide behind my computer, right?

3:20 pm  
Blogger Jess said...

Bad Kynan!


Also, that was lovely, Sugar m'dear. And it was great to see you on the weekend x

3:45 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

Jess, with you it's always a pleasure and i mean that in a totally sexual way... i mean NON-sexual way.

3:56 pm  
Blogger Jess said...


My favourite part of the weekend was when we went muff diving in a non-sexual way. Yeah. That was tops. x

8:30 pm  
Blogger fluffy said...



8:57 am  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

omg! Fluffy, i can't believe you can't remember!

*remembers last weekend*

*feels used *

9:41 am  
Blogger muffin said...

In complete agreeance re: Maps. I say a landmark map should be invented for people like us. And references should read along the lines of: "You know...That house with the big blue doors? Yeah, accross from that!" Rather than: "Refer to map 32."

That would make MY life a lot easier....And travelling in the car with my map obsessod mother a lot less teary.

1:43 pm  
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