Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Bro

Hi, sorry for my absence. I’ve been preoccupied and although I don’t want to go one about it (because there’s already a master at work) I am a massive a BigBrotherophile. I love it. I always have. And this year is shaping up to be stupendous.

My faves:

G-Dog as Michael has so aptly endowed upon her is ultimately great. I can’t wait until she puts all this talk of getting someone sloshed and shaggin’ them. Male or female. She’s tops.

A most divine case of “never thinks before talking” and apparently she doesn’t even think about it after she’s said it. This makes me love her more. She’s from Melbourne and I plan on stalking her at some point and making her my friend.

It’s a given that I should like the rabid lefty. He, as Jessausculture has pointed out, is obviously fucking with the more dim witted contestants heads and for this I love him. And apparently hung like a camel.

This one is just full of little gems of intellect. And when I say gems of intellect I jest, because she’s obviously as intelligent as the tiding of magpies that scare Kate (or as some clever kids have dubbed her “Birdcunt” – pure poetry). Her sweet idiocy is not annoying, however, because it makes her refreshingly honest and not as stuck up as I thought she’d be when declaring herself “The Package”, which I think is just a low-self confidence thing.

My not-at-all-faves:

This one is a dick of great proportions, because she tells us that she’s intelligent, but still cannot seem to stop gazing at herself in the mirror like she’s never seen a reflection (yet, she claims to have studied physics). I think she’s that girl in year 8 that used to sit and bitch about everyone and then say, “if they’ve got something mean to say about me, I just wish they’d say it to my face. Stupid bitches. And like she’s got the worst skin, I can’t believe Darren’s going out with her, I’m going to break them up, so he’ll go out with me.” and so on and so forth. I knew these girls (pent up adolescent issues much?) and they are not cool.

OK. Michelle is obviously a Witch. And not one of those I-have-crystals-and-do-love-spells Witch, but a we-should-burn-her-at-the-stake Witch. I’m not sure why I hate her like I do, perhaps it’s her mouth, it looks like it could spit venom. Or her eyebrows. When will chicks learn no eyebrows is less cute and more evil? Yes, even when you draw them back on. Be grateful she’s in the house parents, but when she’s let out be sure to lock up your children before she swoops down and eats them.

I generally like the others. I like it when I get to hear Glenn talk because I didn’t think people honestly spoke like that anymore – and I’m from the country! I like that everyone hates Kate. I like that Angela is an honest bitch. I like Nelson because he farts and annoys Kate, but he gets a massive strike because he’s a Johnny-lover, and people like him should be kicked in the nuts. I like that Michael has a huge boner crush on Geneva because maybe I do too. I like that there are 2 Logans, but really that’s the only thing saving him/them at the moment. Hotdogs and Dean I don’t care about, except that Hotdog’s is a crap nickname and Dean is obviously all talk.

Have I missed anyone? If so they obviously don’t stir anything from within, therefore do not deserve a serve on TMI.

Thank you and happy watching.


Blogger fluffy said...

*makes mental note to catch up with the HMs or at least watch one show instead of having teletubbies, wiggles, thomas the tank engine or the hooley dooleys take over every evening with their handjob-free shenanigans*

ps.whats this?

7:38 pm  
Blogger fluffy said...

Sorry - don't mean to hassle you about kefir when I can do the reading. Just mean to ask is it worth a go at making some and have you made it, tried it or heard of it. I hear it makes a good smoothie.

7:41 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

i hadn't heard of kefir, but upon some in depth googling i'd say it sounds interesting. yogurt i think is one of the best foods you can eat, kefir seems to provide the calcium and the good bacteria that yogurt does too. i'd try it yourself before you give it to the tiny man, just as precaution. seems pretty easy to make too.

11:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:16 am  
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