Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Weekend of Birthday

What did I do on the WOB I hear you ask. Here’s some stuff:


At Pearl. As a Birthday tradition my the Birthdayee is allowed to pick a restaurant to dine in, with family. I chose Pearl. Possibly because I love trying to impress my dad with food and wine. He’s so proud.

Had breakfast out every morning. Glenn and I would wake up and squiggle with excitement over choosing the perfect venue to lull over coffee and eggs. Perfect.

On Saturday night we got take-away duck and crispy pork (from the secret duck place). Nothing will ever be better than this. I highly recommended getting take-away that you think you should be eating in a restaurant. It’s good for the soul. I also recommend getting enough for two dinners in a row. Just to reinforce the fact that it’s possibly the best thing you’ll ever do. You’ll need wine, too.


Went to Wolfmother. Twice! Thursday only saw last bit of the set. Apparently Sarah organised for them to say Happy Birthday to me. I wasn’t there for it *kicks self*. AND THEN I won tickets to see the Monday show. They’re cool in an our-original-stuff-may-suck-but-who’d-know-because-we-kick-ass-at-led-zep kinda way.

Friday was the real deal. It was stacks of fun. I had secret signals for ordering free drinks. I had rooley excellent friends that thought I was cool, bless ‘em.

Then we all went to Cherry and did we have fights! It’s not a party without someone upsetting someone else! JUST NOT ME OR MY SWEETS! Back off! Ahem. It’s cool. I still remember that it was a great night.

Got stoned

Hey when it’s your birthday AND the long weekend AND you’re at home watching the footy by yourself what else are you going to do. And when you’re sweetheart comes home real “chatty” like and you need to calm him down – what are ya going to do. Get stoned! I even entertained the thought of putting on my Thai Fisherman’s Pants. Ahahahhaa. No, I didn’t. Had mockies though.

Birthday’s rule.