Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Walk all over you

i am like SO Jessica Albaright no,w with my new boots
I’ve been illin’ a little lately. A case of burning the candle at both ends me thinks. But there are times where you just need to make a few sacrifices and quite frankly life’s so freakin’ good right now that I ain’t gunna change a thing (don’t I make you sick).

So yesterday I took a day off from the Herb and Spice world which is my working week and slept in. A sick day should not however be wasted and I had much to do. I spent the morning erranding: doctor’s surgery here; Richmond town hall there; a smattering of laundry and most importantly a shit load of Birthday shopping!

We all remember it’s Month Of Birthday right? Good. I’d be terribly upset if anyone forgot. So my Mum said she’d take me shopping because my wardrobe, although fun and exciting, has been fun and exciting with the same clothes I’ve had for maybe a thousand years (or so I tried to convince my Mum).

The only thing that I have ample stock of is black boots. Unfortunately, it never seems to register that I have enough pairs of black boots. So I got some new ones. These are like totally different to my other pairs! Serious. They’re higher (yeah, that’s right), they’re somewhat pointer – but not like “you could take someone’s eye out” pointy and like SO different to any of my other pairs.

Ok, it’s a problem I have. I like boots. I can’t wear heels because I think people are pointing and staring, but get me near a pair of boots and watch out baby - I’m ready to walk the walk.

My most treasured boots are out of action at the moment and have been for a heart breaking 4 months. I wore them to Meredith and the heel fell off while I was drunkenly taking them off on a mind addled morn. I need to take them back to Rocco, an institution in cowboy boots here in Melbourne (I hear he’s made them for Bon Jovi), but Rocco is in Malvern and I haven’t been able to get there… *sob*, it’s all getting a bit much… excuse me…





ok, it’s ok.

My other pair of black boots are ancient and I only wear them for two reasons.
1) They’re comfy
2) I saw a really cool girl wearing them in a really cool way, wile working in a really cool shop and thought, “maybe they’re not so bad after all.” Problem is I can’t wear them as cool as her.… Excuse me how pathetic do I sound here? Since when did I want to be cool like some girl in a jeans shop? Those boots are so dumped. Lucky I’ve got my new hot-as-hell ones.

My last pair of black boots are reminants from high school days gone by. 10-up, steel-cap, Doc Martins. I’m holding on to those babies until they come back in fashion. We all know it’s going to happen and when it does I’ll be hot shit.

Today I’m back in my lab coat happily dreaming of the day I get to lay my hands on those precious boots again (next Thursday… so exciting!) and waiting for the day to end because as the day draws to an end the comedy draws closer.


Blogger bogan-A said...

Happy Birthday!

You look different to when we met...

12:54 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

no, no... i've always looked like Jessica Alba.

birthday is coming up, but because it's Month Of Birthday i can talk/blog/yamma on about it as much as i like.


1:45 pm  
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