Monday, April 18, 2005

Sugar or Spice?

Yesterday was my Nan’s 80th Birthday Party. My sister and our beau’s got into the car and headed off to Bairnsdale. Non-stop Bairnsy is 3 hours. We stopped twice and still got there in 3 hours, due to us running an hour behind time and because my Honey is good at driving like a bat outa Hell (which I totally don't condone).

My Nan is of course special to me, everyone’s got a special 'Nan spot' in their heart. However, she tends to cop a lot of flack from the family because she’s a bit of a gossip and is slightly morbid – her favourite topic being deaths of those she knows and the prospective death of those she knows. This tends to become tedious when having a conversation with Nan.

But yesterday the whole clan (approx. 27 kin + 20 other hangers on) decended on the Lake of China in Bairnsy and ate Crayfish and Crab that my dad brought down from Melbourne. Good one Dad.

After the food was happily digesting and the candles had just been blown out, speeches were made and it was brought up by my beloved Nan the I had been the only Grandchild (of 14) that had not called her and wished her Happy Birthday.

Ok. A couple of points here:
1. It’s true, I didn’t call. It’s also true that my sister had given me a heads up to call and provided me with the number.

2. My aunts and uncles can be cruel and cunning, and cemented the fact that I was the only Grandchild that had not called in Nan’s head and that I was now in fact number 14 on her favourite Grandchild’s list.

3. My aunt, during Nan’s speech brought this up, to which my Nan (like Pavlov’s dog) responded with, “Yes, Sugar, you were the only one of 14 Grandchildren not to call and wish me happy birthday!”

4. It is also true that I should pay heed to others’ birthday’s as I become a little involved with my own.

But I was not about to let the issue lie. Ohno. This meant war family –- in a sweet, 'I should do something special for my Nan' way.

So I snuck out of the restaurant and went to the supermarket. I found the best Nan card that is possible to find in a country supermarket and set out to win my Nan back with words from the heart.

I wrote a few childhood anecdotes and told her she was ‘special to me throughout my youth, which still means a great deal to me today’. To many this may not sound like a big deal. But for this to be written to someone in my family, by someone in my family is a rather big deal.

Let’s just say I regained number one spot on the Grandkid’s list, much to the disgust of the rest of my family. Glenn even said there was a sign of a tear in her eye. I felt good that I’d done something that my Nan will always appreciate. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d done it after I knew that it’d done something that had upset her. I know that what I wrote was true and that she does hold that special ‘Nan spot’ in my heart, but maybe she would not have known that if I hadn’t been selfish the day before and not called her and suffered the guilt of that from Nan and the family.

Am I a bad person?


Blogger Ukulele said...

You are only bad if you admit to your lovely Nan that you did this out of atonement.

3:03 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

no i think it just made me think that i did something that i know she appreciates and wanted to make it up to her.

4:05 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

i mean... i didn't do something that i know she appreciates.

monday's aren't cool

4:06 pm  

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