Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's the final countdown... dododoodo, dodoodododooo

So tomorrow is the day, no sorry, let me rephrase that… TOMORROW IS THE DAY! WHOOHOO Yeah, that’s better.

Argh! I can't take it! It's so exciting! You feel it too right?
So when you're as excitedly obsessed by your birthday as what I am what's the most tortuous thing someone can do to you? How 'bout sending you this?...

Thanks Sweetness.
*smiles coyly*
*mutters under breath*
What is it? It's pink, there's some sort of sticker on it, that I can't make out when I enlarge it. He's described it as "presents". With an 's', indicating a plural! TORTURE!

Moving on, here is a general step by step program for my day, just so you know and can think of me sporatically and know generally what I'll be doing. I'm generous that way, huh?

STEP 1: Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed next to some hot guy I’ve picked up off the street… oh, I mean, next to my honey. Then I’ll… yeah, no, you don’t need to know me that well.

STEP 2: Get a really good coffee and be late to work. I feel I deserve it.

STEP 3: Survive work. Wait for 5pm.

STEP 4: Yay! It’s 5pm! Go home and get dressed up in time to be at Mum and Dad’s for family love, presents and no doubt a bottle of sparkling red.

STEP 5: Eat to my hearts content at Pearl. Thanks Dad.

STEP 6: Head to The Corner to watch rock hotnessed, Wolfmother.

STEP 7: Slip contentedly into bed and then… no, you’re still not privy to that information.