Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekends are like a box of Futtersticks, ya never know what you're gunna get

But really I just wanted to use this picture:

So many adventures over the weekend. It makes it hard to decide what to share with you, my adoring fans. Hell, why not just spill all…

St. Paddy’s
Thursday night was St Patrick’s Day. I took Friday off, thus my weekend begins here.

If you’re an avid reader you’ll know that I ditched the drink for a month and have only recently jumped back on the Wagon. The end was conveniently wrapped up the day before St Patrick’s Day (as my non-drinking buddy is Irish by trade).

I’ve never done a Paddy’s before. It was… hmmm, I need to pick an adjective… Jolly? Jiggy? Drunken? Green? Bozoville-esk? Guinnessy?... you get the picture.

I ACTUALLY had a good night, despite getting pissed really easily, dancing to bad 90’s pop songs and love ballads and developing a thick Irish accent.

On Friday I slept a lot in the sun. Yay!

You guys should totally get a friend that’s a photographer and has to do aerial shots all over the city on clear blue sky days. Especially when he does them on a day you’ve taken off and asks you to come along.

Yeah, Friday afternoon I played spot you’re place of work from 3 000 feet up. It was so cool.

Poison running through my… digestive system
I’ve never had food poisoning before. I totally had it after eating at one of my most trusted Vic St establishments on Friday night (don’t worry, it’s not a duck place). It’s now been Blacklisted. Shame, shame.

Lucky for my flatmates they went away or else they could have listened to me scream in pain and terror for most of the night. Not pretty.

The positives of having Food Poisoning for a Food Scientist like myself is that you get to endlessly amuse yourself by pondering what has poisoned you, where it came from and what kind of symptoms you will encounter next! I’ve narrowed it down to two likelies: Bacillus cereus from the rice, or Salmonella from the chicken (most probably a cross contamination). Either way it wasn’t cool.

I look way different now than the last time you saw me (assuming you’ve seen me before and you haven’t seen me since Saturday).

I used to have blond curly hair. Now I have strait almost black hair.

It’s totally hip. Volka the German cut it for me. It cost me a lot of money.

I’ve spent today delighting in confusing my colleagues!

Hot Stuff
Totally hooked up with Hotty McHott for some coffeein’, hangin’, and moviein’. I was introduced to the wonders of Pedro Amaldovar through Bad Education. Go and see it its WAY good.

Revisiting the past
Before the no drinking thing I used to go out stacks. Especially on a Saturday. So I hooked up wit me boyz and we drank.

Did you know that if you live a life of sobriety you’re levels of alcohol tolerance are lowered? It’s true.

I could go on here, but let’s just say I might stick with moderation for a little longer and build up my former iron liver*.

Sunday = watching The Soprano’s Season 2 + feeling sorry for yourself + feeling sorry for others + making your mum feel sorry for you and buying you dinner.

Phew! It was a long one. And next week’s is going to be even longer! Fully.

*Isn’t that right Dark Cloud


Blogger Ukulele said...

Advanced Hair - Yeah!Yeah! Yeah!

So gorgeous, you are.

8:51 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

eat your heart out greg matthews... i'm WAY hotter than you

2:55 pm  
Blogger Ukulele said...

Fuck Greg Matthews! And Karen O has nothing on your raven mane either.

9:39 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...


you should so give lessons on what to say!

8:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear sug
serval things
1) i hope you didnt get food poisoning from youknowwhere (if you did, was it the mixed springies?? ALWAYS GET VEG that way, you can be sure of NOT GETTING HOOF. arsk damo)
2) Amaldovar is the BOMB. am glad your joining the fan club. he always uses gael garcia bernal who his HOT AS. i saw bad education a couple of times at the flicks, just to see him do that 'push-up-jig' that he does.. oh mama! *wipes drool from chin*
3) i dream of rowena and watching season after season of sopranos. thems were the days
4) you saw volka??? did bruz take you? everyone knows he's crazy man?? does maz know about this?? i want photos.
5) am meeting damo in london wery soon and am totally freaken pumped
6) did i mention that im addicted to a dating website here? i check it at least 20 times a day. its bad news and no, i havent met anyone (yet)

from afar xxxxx (2 for the kids)

10:04 am  
Blogger sugar and spice said...


i love that you use my blog like an email account.

fuck it, i'll just divulge all my secrets...
1) poisoning from tt2. mm's is safe. was there last night for possum's (dammo) bon woyage dins. fuckin' great. i've been werded on the hoof
2) push-up jig
*fans self*
3) come back and watch more with me.
4) photo's sure.
maz popped out a youngin', so i got volka'd. i dig him heaps.
5) Possum also wery excited. he fell asleep last night on the floor outside the bathroom. not from excitment, from booze. i hope he does it for you too. i'm sure he will.
6)omg. no. stop it! you really need to come home.

love homie

10:28 am  
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8:14 am  
Anonymous Marka Pinto said...

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