Thursday, March 10, 2005


This weekend i'm going to Wangaratta.

Yep, i'm going to torture myself by going to the Food and Wine festival up there and go on bike tours through the wineries. Let's all keep in mind that I'm NOT DRINKING at the moment (roll on Wednesday). My Homie and i have decided not to skip the whole wine tasting though. We're going to utilise the spit buckets! Yay! Think how pompous and toffee nosed we'll seem! Great! What I don't consume in wine i'll be sure to make up for in chesse.

i've never been to Wang before. So I google imaged it. Let's find out together what I'm in for through a commical narative.

"Whoa, look Glenn we're almost there."

"Yay! But wait we're in the car... Fuck i wish i'd had that cd player fixed this week!"

"Hey don't spoil the magic of the train images. We're here at the station!"

"Fine. Let's go check in."

"Oh sweet! A pool and '90's decor! Now what?"

"Let's go check out the sites, sounds and folk."

"Good idea Glenn"

"Hey, Sugar. It's the Mayor!"

"Nice. Dig the way she blends into the background."

"Yeah, nice effect."

"Whoa! Churches!"

"Love Churches!"

"Yeah, they rule. Pity you're not religious."

"Ha! Yeah."

"Sick, look how much fun they're having at the school!"

"Don't you wish you were 8 again Sug?"

"Fully. But maybe just for a day, because... look at the wild and crazy bunch you can meet when you grow up and get to go to Centrelink in Wang!"

"Ha! Wacky hair. They all look related."

"Yeah... wacky. True 'bout the related bit too"

"I'm tired let's sit."


"Hey Glenn, have you noticed how sporty everyone is around here?"

*Sugar and Glenn look left*

*Sugar and Glenn look right*

"Yeah they seem really active. It's making me hungry. Let's eat."

"Don't have to ask me twice, did you bring your Good Food Guide?"

"Crap I forgot, we'll just have to wing it."

"This place looks... like it has food in it."

"Hi, Glenn and Sugar."

"Oh, hi guys. Sorry wrong place."

*escapes eatery*

"Burr. It's getting cold. Looks like there's a storm a brewin'."

"Let's get fish and chips and watch in house movies. We'll smoke... cigarettes... and giggle like girls."

"Sounds good Sugar. Happy long weekend!"

"Yeah, happy long weekend."

*breaths in country air*


Blogger superduster said...

Fuck, I forgot that Fuckin CD PLayer.

4:33 pm  
Blogger Ukulele said...

I like a bit of Wang, meself.

Have a great weekend. XXX

4:49 pm  
Blogger ms fits said...

Now I wanna go to the Wang.
You should totally work for the tourist bureau there.

7:52 pm  
Blogger fluffy said...

The Missing Ingredient

Australian Blog Award Winner:

Best use of the word "Fully".


10:07 pm  
Blogger problematic said...

I hear they make a mean pinot around those parts.


12:04 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

update: Wang is not fully sick.

being in a hotel room and ordering room service and having 4 showers a day (because you can... and droughts don't exist in hotels) is fully sick.

wineries (got a shiraz cotton - didn't select the pinot) and cheese factories are also rad.


4:56 pm  
Blogger ms fits said...


Goddamn post, you schmo.

I say this only because I am missing your wit. And thus, the context remains 'in a mate's way'.

9:47 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

awww... fitsy, you miss me. that's sweet.

this next one's for you

9:07 am  
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