Thursday, March 17, 2005

Playing Grown-Ups

Last night I transformed into a grown up. At least for the night anyway.

But let’s go back. Way back. Back to where it all began.

*que wobbly lines down the screen*

*do-looldo-do, do-looldo-do, do-looldo-do, do-looldo-do*

Once I had this hair-brained scheme to stop drinking FOR A WHOLE MONTH and do my health and prosperity good. Phew, am I glad that’s over! That’s right blogfans I’m officially back on the Wagon. Wanna catch up for a drink?

The end of such a feat must be celebrated in style. So last night I dressed up like a grown up and ate and drank like I had a money tree. Like bloggers before me, people, last night I entered the Pearlzone.

I washed my hair, slipped on my party dress and stepped into my boots, I may have even worn a little make-up.

My partner in sabbatical crime and I were ushered to our table. I’m pretty sure we were the only two people in the restaurant wearing colour. I’m also pretty sure the waiters thought we were a little mental OR incredibly cute the way our eye’s were the size of saucepans while we scaled the wine list and joked about ordering the $710 bottle of Champagne. Ha! I’m sure no one’s ever done that before! What a hoot! We did however settle on a lovely glass of fruity Denmark Sauvignon Blanc and a bottle of 2003 Margaret River Shiraz. AND it wasn’t even the cheapest bottle there. In fact I’ve never bought a bottle of wine that’s that expensive, like ever. So totally liberating. You should try it.

THEN we had to decide what to eat. OMG! Wait, this even deserves the complete wording… Oh my Goht! Here look at it yourself. I know. Hot, no?

We started with freshly schucked oysters on ice with lemon. Then I had coconut caramel roast pork chop. Glenn had white rabbit with chicory and caramelised onions. Then we had warm chocolate pudding with white chocolate ice-cream and a bitter-sweet chocolate sauce.

Yeah, I know. Fucking ah-some.

The Oysters
Try and describe oysters. It’s hard. But for youse I’ll do my best.

These were so schuckin’ good. You could still taste the sea. These were oysters that were treated wit respec’ yo, no temperature abuse – these puppies were chillin’. They were a little sweet and teensy bit bitter and with just a metallic tweak at the end. Yuuuum! Put a little lemon on those babies and slip ‘em down your gullet!

My Pork
You know how pork can be dry really easily? Not here. You know how you have apple sauce on the side? Well, how about adding a little celeriac to a bit of shredded apple to tide over some of the sweetness and then adding a tweak of lime and coconut! Take that apple sauce! Yeah! THEN why don’t you make the skin so crispy it bubbles in your mouth as you chomp down? Good idea – coz that’s when a pork chop will taste so good that you’ll dream about it.

Glenn’s Rabbit
Glenn got the rabbit because he’d never had rabbit before (helps that it sounded fucking ah-some too) for this reason I like him a little more today than I did yesterday, awww.

Little wheels of rabbit and bacon delights with chicory, spinach and caramelised onion, topped off with a rich rabbit liver. This went so incredibly well with the wine. I was jealous.

Chocolate Pudding with White Chocolate Ice-cream anyone?
The pudding was so freakishly light that if I’d have sneezed it probably would have smacked the stylish couple on the table next to me in the face (not a loss in itself really).

Rich. Yum!
White Chocolate ice-cream. Yum!
Fudgy, saucy goodness in the middle. YUM!

Dessert was followed by coffee.

Smiles were hard to shift. Asses were hard to shift (this could be due to ‘I’m such a girl when it comes to drinking at the moment, due to NO ALCOHOL FOR A MONTH’). There was not a smattering of regret when the bill arrived. We payed like grown ups and joyfully floated out the door.


Blogger ms fits said...


*relives experience*


I wish I was there to hold hands with you.

Can we go out and have a gastronomic orgasm together soon? x

2:00 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...


i that would be like fully sick!

we should totally eat there every night. i've got that money tree, so ain't no thang.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Ukulele said...

What is this ban on booze? Ridiculous!

2:30 pm  
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