Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This week is my week of music.

I’d bursting out of my skin at the very thought of it. I love a festival coming to town, so that there are side shows a plenty.

Tonight I’m hoping my contact at The Corner will find it in his heart to let me into Le Tigre. I missed them at the BDO (as I was contributing to the sea of sweat in the Hilltop Hoods) and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

Tomorrow night is so exciting I can hardly contain myself. The Beastie Boys are all mine. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so excited about seeing anyone… ever. To tell you the truth I was rather disappointed with the BDO effort. Not on their part, mind, there was just so much bass going on that their stylin’s were blanketed. No matter, we made out way to the Polyphonic Spree for some deep enlightenment instead.

Thursday is my Christmas present courtesy of my biggest fan (you know you are). I screamed when I found the ticket in my present. Pizza lovers stared at me as I leapt at my homie from across the table. What better way to spend a Thursday night than at the Hi-Fi watching John Spencer and his Explosion of Blues?

I saw them first in ’98 (I’m pretty sure it was ’98), again ‘twas a festival and I was young and impressionable. I was looking forward to seeing them all weekend, alas at the time of them actually taking the stage I’d meet a couple of guys that had decided I needed to be incredibly stoned. They succeeded in their task and all I remember of set is John belting out “BLUES EXPLOSION”, while I giggled and tried to stand up to see the rock on stage.

I finally saw them on Sunday’s Big Day, but I’m looking forward to not having the sun in my face on Thursday night and trying to rock to the beat, yo.

Friday I’m going out for dinner. I think I’ll need to pause and eat by this stage.


Blogger daniel said...

Blues Explosion!

You're seeing all the acts i wish i'd been able to see (afford) this past week.

Have fun yo.

4:57 pm  
Blogger Ukulele said...

SJX and Clem live out all our dreams this time of year and get to meet/interview all of the above and more.

SJX this year has conquered interviews with D4, Blues Explosion and is doing the lads from Black Keys today (who I might add are returning and might be involved in what I did tell you about before Xmas)

9:46 am  
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