Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lunch, a Kebab and an Impish Man

I work in Footscray (say it with me now: Foot-es-cray). It’s a “colourful” place. A “cultural melting pot” if you will. If by “cultural melting point” I mean junkies, teenaged mums, people with missing teeth or all of the above, then yes, a “cultural melting pot”.

Sometimes I like to wonder down into the centre of the volcano and pick up a Kebab from Footscray’s Best Kebab House (that’s the actual name – informative much?).

Today I thought I’d jot down a few things in my student diary (which has a picture of a fully sick 80’s kid with a red stack hat, gardening gloves, wraparound reflective glasses and riding a blue banana board – bodacious deck dude) as I was meandering towards aforementioned Kebab House.

Join me on my lunch break won't you and let's see if we can count the plebs.
Chicks that don’t look like they’re above the age of consent pushing prams: 3

A junkie in a ‘wife-beater’ (apt) having a domestic with a loud toothless woman: 1

A boy that looked like he was the love child of a rat and a bird: 1

A jar of ‘Hair Mayonaise’: 1 WTF?! This is especially close to my heart as I did my thesis on mayonnaise. It is now officially my favourite thing ever. if anyone wants to buy it for me it’s at an African woman beauty shop called Shiah.

A very jolly man whistling a lovely tittering tune: 6... oops no, there was just 1. Nearly had you there though, didn't I?

A little Asian man that reminded me of the creepy Dwarf in Detective Coopers dreams and said “Good afternoon” in an impish way: 1

All in all ‘twas your average trip to the Kebab shop in Footscray.


Blogger Lee Lee said...

I so love that you did you thesis on mayonnaise and not something like ‘the social structure of women in the media’ to accompany most females arts degree.

And hey! It’s not called Footscray-Z for nothing.

FYI That creepy Dwarf is now on ABC’s Carnivale.

9:24 am  
Blogger superduster said...

I just saw a "wife beater" clad man in North Melbourne pushing a shopping trolley with a full size mountain bike in it...I love this side of town...

12:53 pm  
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