Monday, January 10, 2005

Here's Cheers Mr and Mrs. Spice

You know that first moment when you realise that your parents are more than just your parents? They’re like actually people in their own right. They did stuff before you were born – you are not their entire reason for living (well… for some maybe, I’m the favourite).

I got a hold of this concept by the end of my teenaged years. This was good of me, after being a complete two-faced mole to them to the first part of my teenaged years.

I bring this up because I’ve just spent a delightful and relaxing week with my parents on a boat on the Gippsland Lakes. Whilst bitching about something trivial, a very Wise Man said to me “Sugar, you have a great family.”

Damn. Fuck it. I was enjoying my little rant there Wise Man.

He’s right of course. My family is ace. There’s nothing like a bit of holiday time in a vessel to drive that home.

During our time on the Lake my parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. THIRTY FIRST! That’s forever. I can’t even sustain a two week relationship and they’re bumping around together for 31 years. Geez. Pressure.

The way in which they celebrated was typical. Over lunch Mum held up her glass and said “Well Mr. Spice, here’s cheers to another wedding anniversary.” A look of 'oh yeah'. Spread across Dad’s face and he said, “Yes dear, I did remember.” We asked how many years they'd ticked off together. They pondered with a concentrated look and decided it must be around the 31 year mark. We congratulated Mum (as is tradition) and that was it.

Being the megalomaniac that I am I begun to ponder what attributes have genetically flown my way. I’d like to think that I’m the calm, easy-going, glass-half-full person that I show people, but really I’m too much like my Dad for that. I’ve got the there’s-got-to-be-a-better-way-to-do-this gene from my Dad, as well as the I’ll-explode-if-you-don’t-do-what-i-tell-you gene. Conversly I’ve got the sensible-is-my-middle-name gene and the how-can-we-sort-this-out-rationally gene from my Mum. Which makes for a bit of a Tug of War in my own head.

At least I look like my Mum. Coz she’s hot. Right fans?

By the way. It’s nice to be back.