Thursday, December 09, 2004

Someone tuck me in

OK, so I’ve totally posted about Meredith a billion times. I’m excited. More so than is seen to be cool. And as a little insight to me: I’m a planner. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that about me.

So my plan was to get fully prepared. Like…
1) Have all my camping stuff lined up neatly at the door.
2) Have my washing cleaned and pressed, so that I’ve got a full wardrobe to choose from.
3) Do my camping shopping (you know baked beans, camp-pie, 2 minute noodles… oh c’mon you know I’d never do that).
4) But most importantly I wanted to make sure I was fully rested. Because I know what happens at rockin’ music festivals.

I’ve done none of these things. And all because of the last point.

It all started on Friday night. My party. Rockin’. I can’t remember some bits. I did spew though. My room was like a vortex for all things evil and somewhat illegal. The actual party disengaged around 5 when the last set of speakers exploded. But we weren’t finished there. We cracked on ‘til 3pm Saturday. Best efforts though go to ace housemate who kept it up until 10pm, and work colleague who made it through to 2am Sunday morning. Ah-some.

Since then I’ve had sleep patterns of:
Sunday: 6 hours
Monday: 6 hours
Tuesday: 2 hours (maybe)
Wednesday: 10 (this one is less impressive, but still doesn’t make up for the others).

I’m not rested. And it’s fair to say I gets a little cranky when I’m not rested. Sleep deprivation is totally used as form of torture. The KGB, Japanese PoW camps both used it and even the good ol’ Yankers at Guantanamo Bay love a bit of this action.

And tonight’s going to be no different I’m afraid. I’ve got at least 2 dates. *sigh*

On the bright side I’m going to be camping in the hard core rock (rock as in thrashing guitar riffs and hip beats, not bits of the earths crust) infested mud for 2 nights. And loving it.

See youse there. I’ve got a shift on the Electric Possum Bar 4 -8 Saturday. Let’s cheers shall we?