Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"So... how was it?"

Whoa. Where does one start? No really... where does one start?
Best. Weekend. Eva.

The Good Stuff
Well, this is going to be pretty broad, because nearly everything was ace.

The music
Sure a given, but it needs to be said.
Wolfmother – fucking ah-some. I’m going to track them down and marry every one of them.
Hilltops – these guys were playing after I finished my bar shift and I was super-hyped to be back in the crowd these cats sounded sick, mate.
The Dirty Three - I have never seen anything more perfect than this set. As they were setting up there was a storm rolling in. But to the revelers sheer pleasure it moved behind the stage, turning the sky pink and shooting off lightning sporadically. Omg.
Rocket Science – I heart rocket science. I’ve got a badge on my bag. When I was hussying it behind the bar wit my bitches Sarah and Cass, Roman bought a beer off me. I went all "I’m a fan" and told him about said badge, then I wished him luck for the set. I shouldn’t be allowed around celebrity types.
Sage Francis – he came out on stage in a monk’s robe. Need I say more?
The Bait – I didn’t expect Spiderbait to be on this list, yet here they are. This was fully nostalgic. Fully.

The People
I had my pose around. I love my pose. You could almost see the love. Oh, how we laughed.

This one
This one and
This one… ah-some.

For a music festival there is some ace fashion at Meredith. Love it. People are generally cool and generous. Sure, there are there’s the odd group of dicks that you want to throw your empty can at, but as a whole the crowd’s ‘got a good vide man.’

The Weather
This one’s controversial. Friday night was spent in a line of a billion cars. The storm hit and all hell broke loose. No one was getting into the festival because anyone that tried was getting bogged. So we sat until the storm passed, and then we thought. "we’ve everything kids need to party. Let’s party." And we did. 4 hours later we were in and set up. Best. fun. Eva.

Saturday was warm, muddy and cloudy. Perfect. I was still wearing a t-shirt when I crawled home at 5am.

Sunday the sun shone. We all got high on Vitamin D.

The Day After
What better to do than hang with totally rad bloggers that you’ve never seen in the flesh before? I think we’ll have fun together.

The Bad Stuff
I don’t want to bring it down, but there was some bad stuff.

Missing the Music
As much fun as it was on Friday in the car line I missed nearly the whole of Friday nights line up (say The Immortal Lee County Killers II – weren’t nuttin special).

Xavier Rudd and his band of Hippies
I just can’t handle it. Hippies waving their arms around to the moronic up-beat rhythm of Xavier Rudd. Shut. Up.

The Glow Stick
I held a glow stick. I didn’t mean it. Someone handed it to me. I did wave it *hangs head in shame* until Glenn tapped me on the shoulder and berated me. And rightly so. Consider this a public apology, it shall never happen again.

Is it nearly next December yet?


Blogger superduster said...

Yes, a glow stick in the hand is worth a punch in the moosh, you know that.
I've managed to take something away with me from Meredith other than a chemical colon: three bits of chewing gum that won't come off my feet.
Agreed: best weekend, Dallas Crane were also special, Spiderbait: a festival filler band.

1:33 pm  
Blogger daniel said...

It was a rad weekend. All the more rad coz i got to meet Sugar and Spice. You rock hoochie mama.

9:00 am  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

oh daniel boud... bestill my heart

11:41 am  
Anonymous Stilesboro said...

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A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia

10:27 pm  
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