Monday, December 20, 2004


Me bitch No-mee is back in town. Ditchin’ the Fwench Coast for some good ol’ Straya (that’s Australia to you foreigners) lovin’.

She is like fully sick mate. Fully.

We met through a most excellent friend (Rikki we loooove you) about a year and a half ago. We was holidaying it up on the coast wit a bunch-o-homies and discovered we had a mutual despise of dogs.

I remember the exact moment that we became friends:

*dragging feet down to “Doggy Beach” at Point Lonsdale*

Me: Oh God, I hate dogs. This sucks major.

No-mee: This is so rank. I am wery unhappy about this.

Me: I’m so glad you’re here.

*gaze knowingly into each others eyes*

After that moment we spent much time together (our trio not complete without the lovely Lucille). All being Richmondites we roamed/ruled Swan St all summer. At one point we were drunk for about 2 months (give or take). I would turn up around midday, after recovering from last nights adventure, and we’d talk about how we were jobless, penniless, how long we waited in the line at Centrelink last time, what happened last night, where we were going tonight, the latest boinking conquest, blah, blah, blah. T’was the best time ever.

But it had to end.

Lucille moved to Point Lonsdale to study algae (she’s totally a marine biologist. Cool), write a thesis, work in a pub and meet many ruggedy chippies/sparkies/etc. We love her.

No-mee moved back to Fwance (she hangs there a lot) to study, run motels, meet ruggedy hotel managers and teach Fwench children how to play ‘Simon says”.

I kept Richmond warm for their return, got a job where I can where a lab coat, started a blog and meet not-especially-ruggedy-but-o-so-cute barfly’s.

No-mee flew back in on Saturday night and much to my delight was so ready to go out on the Stray-an streets (o’ Richmond of course) the second she got in. Best. Ever.

We ate Sam’s pizza, drank beer, told stories.

She will be back in Fwance in 2 weeks. Before then we hope to mess some shit up. Bless.


Blogger Lee Lee said...

France is cool and all but its full of the French which makes it kind of not cool

12:35 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

naomi saya there are 4 good things about france:
1. it's pretty
2. wine is good and cheap
3. student stuff is cheap
4. transport is good. trains are fast

that's it. everything else sucks. she'd hate to admit it, but she loves it.

1:21 pm  
Blogger fluffy said...

more good things about france...

1) musee d'orsay
2) le louvre
3) pompidou centre
4) pere le chase
5) the metro

okay its pariscentric

7:19 am  
Blogger Lee Lee said...

Other things that are great about France

a) Junet et Caro
b) Pappillon

THAT was a stretch for me to think of 2 things

9:29 am  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

the poor frenchies.

i have fond memories of france. we were hauld up in normandy for a while when i was brewdy and 15.

i remember mopheads, collecting oysters on the beach, tides that went out further than the eye could see, restaurants that in the middle of nowhere, walking into town everyday to get fresh bread and apple tarts, massive supermarkets that sold televisions, markets on the weekends.

so it's not all bad.

although... i was just as snooty at 15 as the french were all the time, so we probably had a mutual understanding of pissed-off-ness.

10:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought of another thing thats good in france- lots of duck to eat. random duck insides and also actual duck outsides.

when do we get to try the jar of goodness i got? maybe midnight snack tonight??

the french are psychos.

from (not so) afar

1:40 pm  
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