Monday, November 22, 2004


What images are conjured up when you see this driving around the streets?

Let me impress on you further with saying the driver was wearing a “Tradies” type flouro yellow t-shirt, had a handle bar moustache and wrap around black glasses.

Ok, so we’ve got a mental picture right? Right. Yeah, Yobo. So I glance at the back of the ute and notice many garish stickers on the back. “Great, I love reading redneck quotes,” thinks I, “they’re so catchy.” For example:

… but wait a sec… what the fuck? That’s not… omg! Jesus stickers. That’s right plural. 5, count ‘em, five Jesus stickers, with clever phrases. Ha!

Dis is dem:
Salvation – the only thing that’s really free
You can discount that. I guess salvation really is free

Life’s Short – Pray Hard
See what they did here? Used a pre-existing slogan and religioused it up. Clever.

Jesus, here for Melbourne
I think I speak for all Melbournites here when I say, “Phew” I’m glad he didn’t stray into Sydney. He must like The Rock.

I’ve got Jesus on my side
OK, I'm confused. So is Jesus here for you… or Melbourne? I thought he was supposed to love us all equal like. Shows what lil’ ol’ non-religious me knows.


I hurriedly wrote all these down in my diary (*sob*, which I lost at Cherry on Friday night *sob*, my life is worth nothing now *sigh*), in peak hour Friday night traffic. And just when I thought I’d lost him, or dreamt it, I glanced in my rear-view mirror, only to notice the number plate:



Disclaimer: I have no problem with whatever religion you follow. I just think the juxtaposition is stunning (don’t you love how I just wrote juxtaposition - and I'm a scientist!).

* there is another one, but it’s in my diary *sob*. If you see her, please bring her back to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you want for your diary?

3:41 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

what do i want for my diary? is that like a ransom note, but in reverse?

ummm... i want my diary and... a holiday on the beach where there are mangoes.

what do you want for my diary?

4:06 pm  
Blogger ms fits said...

Is it like a Harriet the Spy diary or love confessions?

This sort of thing could go for big bucks on ebay you know...

4:13 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

appart from everything else that's in there. Yes, sexual confessions, conspiracy theories, stalker notes and the reaction for turning water into a viable fuel source. i just need to know what time my hair dressers appointment is on saturday.



5:02 pm  
Blogger Lee Lee said...

No, really, I understand the agony of a lost diary. My diary got destroyed in ‘The lap top incident’ and I thought I would die from grief and utter misery. Yours being in paper form though could spell your death by humiliation should it reach the wrong hands.

*pats back* There, there, Sugar.

5:21 pm  
Blogger knifey said...




Or at least chat about food tech.
I'm smarter than I look.

I loved this post, by the way.
still can't believe WE WERE BOTH AT CHERRY ON FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!

2:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear sugar,

oh how i miss thee. i wish i could be at cherry too. i long for the day we reunited over a plate of greasy duck and salty squid.
good luck for da diary finding. hi to mazz (i'm in GREAT need of haircut/colour).

from Afar

ps keep the eve of 18th dec open for some mega beer-drinking reunion thang. must dash, melrose place is about to start (yeah, that's right, nearly everyday too!!)

2:38 am  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

Knifey: wow, we both must be incredibly cool. i mean hangin' out at cherry, on friday night. i was dancing on stage at 4am.
i did pash one guy, was it you?

Afar: 18th locked in. also i've got new years plans for you. it involves a boat.

8:47 am  
Blogger knifey said...

Nope, wasn't me!

Wait, you mean you don't know who it was?
God! That's SO Cherry!

1:38 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

i didn't at the time. i don't really even now. i do have a number though.

it was VERY cherry.

2:01 pm  
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