Friday, November 05, 2004

Ode to Vodka

I have very little respect for this beverage, but I felt compelled to do and Ode to The Vodka today after yesterday.

Yesterday all of Melbourne’s finest whores (male and female) were out on display. And what is Oaks Day spent with work colleagues without a of Icelandic Vodka shots? What is it? It’s better day. Vodka should not be consumed without a buffer.

This then took me back to days of abusive-teenaged-drinking (after all that’s what an office environment reflects). The Fruit Tingles taken in 2 litre bottles to the Year 12 party. Goodness knows I wouldn’t have been doing the things I did that night on Raspberry Cordial. And I’m sure Dave-The-IT-Dweeb wouldn’t have done a nudey run without the aid of The Vodka.

So I thought “What the hey. I’m going post about The Vodka today”, because it’s why I feel so shithouse right now.

Some of my preferred offerings:

The Vodka Lime and Soda – actually my preferred “other” drink. Sounds a bit poofy, nonetheless goes down without a hassle.

The Vodka and Cranberry – wery refreshing

The Aforementioned Fruit Tingle – Raspberry, Blue Curacao, Vodka. Ewwww, this is only in here in case the younger generation get ahold of this blog and need some assistance.

The Vodka, Gingerbeer and Lime. Could be because I’m a sucker for Gingerbeer.

The Vodka is an essential part of most cocktails.

The pees de resistance… The VodkaMelon.

I think I’m confused. I started out writing this hating the idea of The Vodka… but now I think I’ve lightened to the fact that we need a back-up. The Vodka may not be Head Of The Class, but she’s there for everyone. A support system. And who am I to discount that? Where would we be without our support system?

I think we can all learn a little something from The Vodka. Don’t you?

By the way I want to write about Bush. But the words never quite make sense. And we all know it’s worse than vodka shots… nay, Citruse shots. *spew*


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