Thursday, November 11, 2004

A good reason for being tired.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact I played a game of netball (yes, netball… hey, it’s the new cool, ok) at 9.30 last night. Drunk.

Well you see it’s tradition that we go to The Corner for dinner on Wednesday. And they have beer there and I was there. It just made sense. Not to mention someone thought it was hilarious that I was going to play n-ball after The Corner and made sure I was never without a full glass. Great. Hilarious.

Frankly, I played well. My aim was somewhat accurate and I think I was a little more aggressive on the court than usual. Netball is hard-core-bitch-fighting, so “a little more aggressive” is ace.

It’s since 2pm that I’ve really hit the wall. The 4 cups of tea got me through the morning and the sushi (oh man how I was craving raw fish today) got me through lunch. But now I’ve got nothing to live for.

So write me a comment and brighten my afternoon. I know you’re out there.


Blogger ms fits said...

Raw fish. Oh my fucking god. Best. Ever.


3:59 pm  
Blogger knifey said...

Nothing to live for?
Are you INSANE???

Haven't you heard of DESSERT?


2:14 am  
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