Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Death by Turkey and Beer

Despite the fact I’m posting on Wednesday I did in fact drag my wretched corpse to work on Monday, but was in no mind for wit (hence no blogging).

OK, so I only got one of my predictions right (the wetting of the pants), but that’s a good thing right… no tears. Oh... and shit the bitching, alcohol and cussing bit came true too. Duh.

I’ll save us all the hassle of reading my play by play of the last 4 days and leave you with this. I’m. Fucking. Exhausted. Alas, still willing to haul my ass to The Corner tonight. No matter how crapola you feel there’s no reason to skip out on tradition.

Some Choice Cuts:

  1. Between us The Gang sunk in 8 hip flasks of beam/whiskey/turkey and all other mind bogglingly awful bevies.
  2. Biggs, R. wore an afro wig all day. Precious. You go ‘Girl Sebastian’ uh-huh, yeah (snap, snap, snap)
  3. The G-Man caught a happy snap of some drunk chick’s muff as she was tackling her brother. Weird. (is it wrong to want to post this?)
  4. We broke a chair at the Rob Roy. Can’t say I had a direct hand in the destruction, but I looked on at the ‘stacks on’ in full awareness of the snap and crackle that would ensue. It was our way of saying "Thanks for the music Rob Roy."
  5. Totally exchanged numbers with a hot guy. Now this may not seem like a big deal to most… but let’s just say I’m WAY picky about these sorts of things. Dear lord, I hope I didn’t tell him my blog address.
  6. Drank beer all Cup Day, then ate curry… not advisable.
  7. Backed both Makybe Diva and Vinnie Roe for a place. Won $23 from the TAB. Better though was getting She's Archie (last place) in the sweep and winning 10 bucks (get it bucks!)

    Oaks tomorrow. Holy shit, I don’t want to become one of those bitches that go to the races in frocks, make-up running by 3 o’clock, shoes off at 4. Screw that, my shoes are too red and flat for that to happen. And make-up… P-ha, except for the excessively red lip-stick.


Blogger superduster said...

Post Bloaks Day: I have to scan that pic pronto..I'll hide the identity..he he

2:00 pm  
Blogger sugar and spice said...

well, well, well. look who's invaded the blog-world.

sweet deal with the shot.

3:14 pm  
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