Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Out of the Closet

well now you know, well at least some of you know.

i wanted to be an annonimous blogger and in the minds and hearts of other bloggers be a superstar. but c'mon let's be realistic here i'm not, nor shall i ever be ms fits. and i'm a food technologist, not a hot, sassy writer. there're no go-go boots in this lab, just me in my white coat.

so anyone want to know anything about food science? coz i know it, or at least can look it up with reliable resources.

so stay tuned for interesting bits in my life and food...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well fozzil, is it just me or do you have waaaaay too much time on your hands? Keep next thurs nite free, coz im takin you out to dinner to celebrate. If you can guess who this is i may even pay for you (may being the operative word here). Have a good one, miss typoint xxx

9:35 am  
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