Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Excuse me Mr Tanner

i've got to say i feel a little used. a little like i met a hot guy at cherry and we pashed on the dance floor. he told me my skirt was pretty and that we could go back to his place and watch the Ricky Gervais Live dvd. but in the end he just wanted to get off and leave you at the door. if you were a little cuter Mr. Tanner i would have forgiven you.

i put my faith in you. i voted for you because you told me that you'd be there. maybe not in those words, but i thought we had a future together. don't be a sore loser. you can't play the game and then when the other team kicks the golden goal say, "doesn't count. i gave up ages ago, i just haven't told you yet. Barley! Barley!"

why are you giving up on mark? he's a good bloke, he's not going to bullshit you. don't jump off the bandwagon now. what will everyone think? us lefties need to be stroked like a kitten, not kicked in the guts like a mangey tom cat.

band together... we've got three years to do this, let's start off on the left foot.

in other news:
i've got the cutest kitten alive. stay tuned for ultra-sickening-cute pictures (as soon as i can work out how to do that)