Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ducking off to New York

Duck and NYC... obviously this was a good night.


In Shanghai Palace. Fake wooden floor boards (no good for walking on with outrageously hip cowboy boots), fuchsia-pink walls, a scattering of patrons. Menu offers up servings of ‘Fried Rick’ and ‘Calamari and “pre-assorted” seasonal vegetables”.

Sugar and Spice: “I’m so glad we both love duck”
G-man: “… and calamari.”
Sugar and Spice: “Yeah.”

Hot tempers were soothed by Tsing Tao Beer:
G-man “Ahhhh… Chinese beer always tastes like Heinekin.”

It’s true. But we couldn’t decide whether it was because the Chinese make it, bottle it and sell it at outrageous prices to the unsuspecting Flemish. Or whether Chinese Beer Pirates were hijacking Heine tankers and stupidly rebottling and selling on the cheap, in effect passing off the ‘hot’ beer (eww, hot beer).

So the duck was all kinds of saturated fat good. Crispy. Lardy. Goodness. But we’re biased. Maybe if I was being all bag-of-rage like I’d say it was a little dry around the edges, but I don’t blame the tastey little Mallard for that.

Next to the Calamari with “pre-assorted” seasonal vegetables it was gold.

The dumplings were also a treat, but we ate them confusedly because they came out last. Which was too much for our little ‘westernised’ brains.

New York

TV’s Kynan Barker had arranged for a spattering of intelligent, pop-culturedised, beer drinkers to partake in a comical trivia night focussed around the Big Apple. Unfortunately only Sarah Jayne Hillman-Stolz and myself were privy to the NYC theme. Alas we kicked some trivia ass.

With thanks to Maven Mia (who knew that the kid brought into Different Strokes in the last series with the bowl cut hair was called Sam… she deserves a medal) and the rest of the Knight Riders in the Sky team (I suggested Bitch Juice – but that never really took off) we pulled off the BIG PRIZE.

Big Prize? Oh yeah baby check it out

Can’t beat a night out with duck, trivia only to take home the Olsen Twins at the end of the evening. And I bet I’m not the first one to say that.