Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bench Trail #2*

this strikes me as a fantastic method to let my egotistical juices flow. egotistical? Yes, that's right. i freely admit that i'll take the biggest portion size if i'm hungry (and fuck it, i'm the one most likely to have prepared it).

i was once berated after palming off the warm beer to a friend while keeping the freeze-your-back-teeth beer for myself. what am i... mental? as if i want to walk over to the bar, walk back and hand over the cool brew lessening my nights enjoyment by drinking the warm devils beer.

should i really have begun my brand spankin' blogspot when i'm menstruating and wearing my bitch hat (it is spring carnival after all)? at least, cindi lauper, you'll see my true colours shining through.

*this really is my second attempt, the first one is lost in cyberspace. let it be known i am a moron when it comes to computers. it's all about food glorious food (but mostly me), so fuck the computer.